Oven Door Seal Glue 

Stick your oven or cooker door seal with the Oven Door glue Kit


Many customers have used the Oven Door Glue kit to achieve a low cost repair to sagging and damaged oven door seals and gaskets, or to stick an oven door seal that has come unstuck.  It can also be used for the common problem on some Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda ovens where there is a seal between the inner door and inner glass and where the oven door seal keeps coming off – usually after the glass was once removed for cleaning. We have heard from many customers how frustrating this seemingly irreparable problem was – some had reached the point of thinking they would need to buy a new oven! But the oven door glue holds the seal firmly, and the problem is solved.

A poorly fitting oven seal will mean that it takes longer for your oven to reach the required temperature, and requires more energy to maintain it at the correct temperature. You are heating the kitchen and not just the oven!

Oven door seal glue kit

The adhesive can also be used to glue the metal connectors that are often used to join the ends of an oven door seal, where these are pulling out – see below.

Important: Some Gas ovens intentionally have a gap between the ends of the seal to allow air to enter and the gas to burn correctly. It is essential that this gap is maintained on a gas oven where it was integral to the design of the oven. Failure to maintain the gap can lead to a build up of carbon monoxide. Electric ovens are not affected by this as there is no combustion taking place in the oven.

The oven door glue has two essential properties, that are important in sticking glass to metal, which also make it an excellent means of repairing the rubber like door seals:

  • The adhesive is unaffected by temperatures up to 300 Centigrade – much higher than a normal domestic oven.
  • The adhesive is extremely flexible when it has cured – it forms an elastic rubber like material, providing flexibility as materials expand when heated.

The flexibility of the oven door glue makes it ideal for oven seals

Purchasing a new seal for your oven door can be expensive (often upwards of £30.00) where they are still available. Cheaper “universal oven door seals” will often be the wrong thickness for your oven, and due to the difficulty in getting the right fitting regularly end up being worse than the previously sagging gasket at retaining the oven heat.

The quick and easy solution is to fix your oven seal with the oven door glue kit.

See what our customers have to say about the oven door glue kit, where they have used it to repair oven door seals and gaskets.

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How to use the oven door glue to stick an unstuck / hanging rubber seal:

  1. Ensure the surfaces to be glued are clean and free of grease. 
  2. Prepare some short pieces of masking tape or similar
  3. Run a bead of adhesive along the intended path of the oven seal, taping at right angles across the seal, every few inches, to hold the seal in place whilst the adhesive cures.
  4. Allow 8 hours before carefully removing the tape, supporting the seal either side of the tape with your fingers, so as not to tear the seal.
  5. The seal should now be firmly held in position, but we recommend that a further 16 hours is allowed before using the oven, to ensure that the adhesive has fully cured.

How to use the oven door glue to stick the metal clips into the rubber seal:

  1. Ensure that the clip and the inside of the seal is clean – use a cotton bud / pipe cleaner to clean in the seal.
  2. Squeeze some of the adhesive into the seal end, then push the metal clip into the seal
  3. Allow the adhesive 8 hours to cure before the joint is put under any tension, and preferably a further 16 hours before the oven is used.

Ensure that the oven door seal, and the clip are free from grease

Place the glue into the oven door seal, then push the clip into place

Ensure the oven door seal is not under tension whilst the adhesive cures

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