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Oven door glue kit – clear heat resistant adhesive

For most repairs we recommend you use the standard Oven Door Glue kit with the black adhesive, however some applications may be better served with a clear (translucent) adhesive.


Specifically where the front fascia panel (decorative panel) of your oven door has white or frosted glass and the brackets holding the fascia panel have come unstuck, it is possible that a black adhesive might show through slightly if used to fix the brackets back to the glass.  For this specific situation we recommend the clear oven door glue kit.


The clear oven door glue cures to be translucent which means it will not show through a frosted glass or white panel like a black adhesive may. Like the black adhesive, this is a specialist adhesive, designed to securely take the full weight of the glass fascia panel on the small brackets that are often used.


The clear oven door glue kit contains all of the contents of the standard oven door glue kit, to help you carry out the repair as simply and effectively as possible, but with the clear glue, is designed specifically for white or frosted glass decorative panels.

Clear heat resistant glue for oven door

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